Saturday, July 12, 2008

On a Mission

Granddad to the rescue! Next week I'll be going to Sweden to help my son and family with moving chores, like decorating, laying floors and suchlike. Little Amanda will soon have a sibling so they are moving into a house with room for an expanding family. It will be lovely to see them again, although I suspect it will be hard work as well.


After that we will go to France to see to our own house there and have some proper holiday. But in August it is time to head north yet again to Stockholm to welcome the new family member. So there will be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing this summer and consequently my blogging will suffer. But don't despair, I will travel with my trusted camera and might just have some decent pictures and stories to share on my return. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Visitors


This is the season for visits from Sweden, where schools finish earlier than in both the UK and Germany. We have had my brother with parts of his family with us for a week, hence the lack of blog posting and reading. They enjoyed our regular places of interest, such as Roermond with its Factory Outlet in Holland where my brother tried this leather jacket on, but did not get the wifely approval!

leather jacket

Funnily enough, it was us blokes who managed to come away with some purchases, running gear for keeping fit, keeping the old engine going!

Another must when we have visitors is to take them to Düsseldorf with its Königsallé and lovely old town by the Rhine. It is always a success, and this time it was the night of (Germans, look away now!) the German defeat to the excellent Spanish football team. I wonder how sad these young people would have looked only a few hours later.

German supporters

We also visited more local places such as restaurants and cafés, but since the weather was good almost all of the time, we could have BBQ:s and breakfasts outdoors. Yummy!

brekkie bowl bread

Our visitors enjoyed their stay, and I could catch up a little with my brother whom I don't see that often. I also had a great week, and say thank you to him for most of the pictures above.