Monday, July 06, 2009

Cobweb on a Sunny Morning

When I was preparing breakfast this morning I looked out into the garden and saw in the top corner of the window that a spider had built a web. Not a World Wide Web, just a small web in a tiny corner where it caught the rays of the rising sun. It reflected the whole spectrum of colours, it sparkled and looked irresistible. I just had to temporarily abandon breakfast and get my camera.

In order to open the window I first had to clear the window sill, then climb up and stand on my knees on the hard surface, or sometimes squat in a very uncomfortable position. All of this made it extremely difficult to hold the camera still, and the tripod would have been equally difficult to position up there with one leg in the sink and the other two on the work surface. So I was fairly pleased with the result.

Please CLICK on the pictures to get the best view and let's see if you can spot the spider's mistake(s) in this piece of craftsmanship. Despite the spider's phenomenally regular pattern, there is room for mistake(s). Nobody's perfect!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Getting Ready for Saturday (by Mr Blackbird)

It is not only you, human party-goers who do it, birds do it as well! You have to feel good about yourself before you hit the scene. Recognise that?


DSC_0548_20090704_3460 fxd cr

First I take a sunbath...

DSC_0557_20090704_3469 fxd cr

...then I preen my wing feathers...must look good...

DSC_0563_20090704_3475 fxd cr

... but, oouch! that itchy ear...


DSC_0575_20090704_3487 fxd cr

... aaah ... getting better...


DSC_0578_20090704_3490 fxd cr

...this is hard work ... takes so long ... getting ready...


DSC_0582_20090704_3494 fxd cr

... I'm a clean boy now ... where are those women?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

After a Long Wait

AA Pic of the Week 125 w

We have had some flowers (lilies I think) on very long stalks in some pots in our garden since last year. They have grown tall steadily, taking veeery long to develop. In the last week or so the buds on two of them started to change colour, and this morning they had suddenly opened up completely in the strong morning sunshine (30 degrees Celsius). This is the result.


Lily close