Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes, It’s That Time Again

First Sunday in Advent has been; we are officially in Christmas mode and perhaps mood as well. We have some lights up already, we play some Christmas music every now and then (some with little kids singing their hearts out and also superb Sally Army brass music) and we have Mr Snowman on the step accompanied by a welcoming sign on the door.

Quite a few Christmas presents have been purchased although we will have “Secret Santa” for the adults, so we only buy one adult present and receive one, all very hush, hush! For the young children, well, the word “abundance” comes to mind. My young nieces still love pulling out the usual fun little things from their English-style stockings (that Mrs S loves filling) as does my 85-year-old mum. This year will be the first year of stockings for my 2 ½ -year-old granddaughter. I know she will be intrigued and excited when she gets hers!

The good thing about Christmas for somebody like me with one foot in each culture, English and Swedish, is that I get to celebrate the Swedish main day on Christmas Eve and the English one the following day. Not bad! My Swedish relatives love the added English ingredients and some German for that matter. So we are looking forward to our annual Christmas trip to Sweden with great anticipation. What is not so wonderful sometimes is the atrocious weather conditions in which one sometimes has to go Christmas shopping! Like last Sunday when we went to our nearest Dutch town in search of some good bargains. There were extremely strong winds and torrential rain; we had to crawl along the motorway and all the bins in the town centre looked like below. Somebody will make a lot of money this week from selling brollies to the unfortunate.


Lynda said...

Hmmm excitement - this will be my first german xmas in 3 years and I am more excited than miss 6 years old. We are heading over on the weekend, surprisingly, Cairo has loads of decorations for the yuletide season, even a huge Santa on a sleigh in the mall attached to the hotel. I love the mix of all the good bits from mixed families - it just makes it more wonderful.

Thanks for commenting on my blog - nice to know that someone actually reads it! LOL

Eric Valentine said...

I always love Christmas time. There's something about it that you can smell in the air and almost taste, always leaves a warm fuzzy feeling of contentment.

Nice looking nic nacs Swen.. :)

Haddock said...

Its good to celebrate christmas on two days (24th & 25th). I always found that having Xmas on Xmas eve was a bit weird at first, but I rather quite like it now. It seems less hectic than back in the UK where the focus seems to be more on not burning the turkey! :)
Hope Nickolaus brought you some nice goodies! :)

swenglishexpat said...

Lynda - Isn't it interesting how little religion seems to be involved these days; Christmas in a muslim country? I suppose it it mainly for tourists?

Eric - It gives you a lovely, cosy feeling when the candle light chases away the darkness.

Haddock - In Sweden the turkey is replaced by ham, which also takes a lot to get right, and everybody has their own, precise way of cooking it! He hasn't been yet, good old Nick, we'll see.

christina said...

We celebrate on the 24th and 25th as well, opening most of the presents on the 24th and having our "special meal" the next day. Between Nikolaus, der Weinachtsmann and Canada Santa there's a lot of action at our house around Christmas. :-)