Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Back!

You thought I had vanished into the outer blogosphere, didn't you? Since I got back from Sweden I have been busy with the real world, real life and I have also had some more techie problems with my PC. What's new? Well, I had a fab time, a fantastic time in my old country. There were two main events, two main reasons for going, my nephew's wedding and a niece's school graduation party.


The wedding took place in a small village church in a beautiful part of Sweden. After the wedding ceremony everybody walked down to an old country mansion behind two musicians playing the "nyckelharpa". We were taken by two "Pied Fiddlers" to a wonderful evening.

This way!

We were treated to champagne, canapés and other nibblies in an octagonal (?) folly on top of a grassy knoll overlooking a sunlit lake ...


... where the bride's father first said a few words ...

A few words

... and then the two toastmasters laid down the law for the evening.


As you can see for yourselves it was formal dress code, white tie for the gents and long dresses for the ladies. Here is yours truly with son and brother.

White tie trio

After an absolutely delicious dinner, with twenty-five (25!) speeches, we finally got round to some dancing, old and young alike.

Dance floor

The band played music from the 60's to contemporary music. They were all professional musicians and knew their stuff, playing their socks off. How's this for an action shot?

Lead guitar

Some party that was! We all got to bed very, very late, but happy. It certainly was a night to remember.


Another happy night to remember was my niece's graduation the following week. Tradition has it that you come out on the school steps, one group at a time, with a special graduation hat on. You are met outside by family and friends, holding a sign with (often) a childhood photo and your name on it. You are then treated to lots of hugs, kisses and flowers.

School steps Sign

Next you are transported home in style and greeted, yet again, by family and friends.


After that you party all night long. And even us oldies wear our old "studentmössa", a little discoloured, but otherwise intact after 41 years.

In a later post I will take you on a boat trip from Stockholm to (what remains of) Birka, the old Viking Capital, in Lake Mälaren.


Diane Mandy said...

What a lovely wedding!

christina said...

Ahhh, what a wonderful occasion. I love all the women's dresses. And the good-looking men aren't bad either. ;-)

Eric Valentine said...

Such a treat you have given us with the pictures & report, it certainly was well worth the wait Swen my friend.. :)

Good to have you home again. ;)

swenglishexpat said...

Diane - Yes, wonderful.
Christina - You flirt! ;-)
Eric - The lovely sunshine certainly added another quality to the outdoor pictures.

lillian said...

Beautiful pictures and lke christiana I love the womens dresses... Beautiful !

swenglishexpat said...

Lillian - Thanks for visiting, yes, there was a lot to lay one's eyes on!