Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mycology Mystery Walk

As always I took my trusted camera with me when we went for a short walk just before sunset yesterday. The walk turned into a mystery mushroom walk. Right outside our house we came across the first one, a fairytale, pixie-kind-of mushroom, all red with white spots, warning off hungry creatures, but not the slugs you can see below. We followed our normal route, and due to the weather conditions lots of mushrooms had popped up over night. Some looked edible, others decisively not, so it was a pure photo hunt, nothing ended up on the dinner table.

As you can see the light was going so the conditions were not exactly ideal, and since I had to squat and optimistically aim the camera along the ground, some pictures are slightly out of focus; apologies for that. But I was astonished to find so many fungi so easily. I only wish I knew more about them, they are still mostly a mystery to me. Here is a selection for you.

IMG_6362 IMG_6363 IMG_6366 IMG_6369 IMG_6373 IMG_6378 IMG_6379 IMG_6395 IMG_6403

IMG_6399 IMG_6402

As I was typing up this post I heard an almighty bang against a window downstairs; I rushed down and found this dusty silhouette on the kitchen window, which is approximately 75 cm wide (30 inches), so the wingspan of the unfortunate bird was quite impressive. Can you spot the bird?

Spot the Bird


Diane Mandy said...

You take to loveliest photographs!

Eric Valentine said...

Very nice photos Swen as always.
I see the bird, about an inch from the top on the right hand tree?

I cheated though, I had to enlarge the pic to get it.. :D

swenglishexpat said...

Why Diane, thank you! ;-) (has to be read out loud with an old-fashioned voice!)
Eric - you cheat and joker!

CanadianSwiss said...

I love the red mushrooms! Reminds me of children's books. You know.. they just look pretty... But I doubt I'd ever try to eat one. And yeah. Slugs will eat just about anything.

swenglishexpat said...

CS - therefore nobody eats the slugs? Yuck!

Shawna said...

O jive! Look at all those mushrooms... glad I happened upon this site. Great pics! Perchance you've seen the mcm? Tell me on my blog:

janeywan said...

Looks like most of your readers didn't even notice the bird dust on your window.
With mine I had to get down on the floor and shoot upwards to get everything out of the photo. I'm a trickster.