Friday, January 09, 2009

Return of the Blogger

So, I'm back. It always takes a bit of time to settle back in again after a holiday. We had a lovely time in Sweden where we spent Christmas itself with most of my family. Father Christmas made his usual appearance and was rewarded with a "snaps", only for strictly medicinal purposes, of course.

IMG_7059 fxd

After Christmas we went up to Stockholm to my son's family so I could dandle my grandson.

IMG_7164 fxd2 

He was totally fascinated however by his big sister; everything she did got his full, admiring attention.

IMG_7210 fxd

We had a belated Christmas with lots of presents and play. The adult-to-child ratio was very high, so both children got their fair share of all four adults. We stayed over the New Year Holiday in rather cold weather, but very little snow.


When we got back home to Germany we were in for a snowy surprise, as were the birds in the garden.


And still today we had a bright, blue sky ...


... and about -10 degrees Celsius with a stunning winter landscape.


Soon I will see what all my fellow bloggers (bloglings) have been up to. I will have to skim through several hundred posts, my apologies in advance!


oreneta said...

What a lovely post all around! Santa...beautiful babies, beautiful skies and snow!


It is hard adjusting to being back isn't it.

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - thanks, nothing like grandchildren, just you wait!