Friday, February 27, 2009

16 October 1983

I came across an old rescued slide on my PC the other day, and took a good look at it, which naturally brought back many memories. But the picture is also a statement of the time and reveals something about life in those days, not only for me but perhaps also for others. It has a clear time stamp.

At a first glance it is obvious that I was interested in music, but also expressing myself in art (pencils and brushes). In the right box of LPs I spot a classical album (Baroque I think), and in the left it is definitely Islands” by The Band.

The reel-to-reel tape recorder, the turntable and the TV in glorious teak absolutely dates the set-up. The newer cassette tape recorder indicates progress.

If you look on the extreme left you will see a strange object (looks like two) in grey wood hanging off the top. The missing bit in the middle is where the user of this object would put his or her neck. Guessed it yet? No, right. It should be carried horizontally on your shoulders. Now then? No, I will have to tell you then. It is a yoke. From the ends of it hang chains with a metal hook to hold for instance buckets with milk. This yoke came from some old relative who had passed away years ago, and sadly, I do not know where I have got it now. I think I have moved too many times in my life perhaps.

I shall mention one final object before I let you enlarge the picture, should you so wish, my son’s first pair of shoes. On the day the photo was taken we celebrated his tenth birthday (a few days too late).

If you did not find it interesting to look at my old shelves, I will give you (in particular youngish readers) one piece of advice anyway; take photographs of your flats and houses as you go through life. I can guarantee that you will enjoy looking at them later in life. It can be rewarding, not just for insurance purposes!

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Pearl said...

That was really fun!

swenglishexpat said...

Pearl - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my nostalgic moment!

oreneta said...

That is cool, I wonder if I have any photos like that around...maybe I'll look this summer when I get access to where they are stored again.

Veronica said...

Oh my gosh! Is that IKEA Ivar shelving? I knew it looked familar, but I think is is! I have no photos pre 1975, as they gosh "washed" in cyclone Tracy.
I love looking in the backgrounds of photos ... I must be a closet voyeur?

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - I hope you find some. It sometimes reveals how old some of your stuff is when you spot some in an old photo! ;-)

Veronica - Indeed it is. In fact, the left half plus the two boxes (now containing photos) are still with me here in this study! It can be fascinating with what's in the background rather than the foreground. Don't worry, it's normal, acceptable behaviour! ;-)
(Sorry about your old photos :-( )

Protege said...

What a great picture and what a great sentiment behind it.;)
I so can relate to your feelings of how an image can bring back multitude of memories and makes us travel back in time.
You are absolutely right - I often like to look at pictures taken in apartments and houses I grew up or have lived in as an adult.
This was a great post.:)

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - Thank you. The most astonishing fact to me is how much of what's in the picture I still have. It is actually, and this is absolutely true, only a few years since I stopped using those speakers! I even bought them second hand off my father. I dare not think of how old they are, still lurking in the cellar downstairs!

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for that great idea Swen, I will have to start digging, great post my friend.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Eric - I'm sure you must have similar photos. It's like a nostalgic trip looking at them. Good luck in your search!

LadyFi said...

Wow - love the little bootees and the yoke! Guess it was for animals at one time...

I love these sneak peeks into the past.

swenglishexpat said...

LadyFi - The tiny shoes are still hanging there. Better give them back to him!