Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No, Not Usain Bolt, Useless Bolts!

What I am on about? Just look at them!


And then look at these!


The bolts are too long!

I have just had the winter tyres fitted by the garage. They store the set of tyres not in use, and also switch them at a reasonable price. Since last year we have got a new car, but of the very same make and model. And then the hub caps won't fit. How is that possible?

I was so drowsy early in the morning (Germans start early) that I didn't protest or question the situation, but my wife told me off at lunchtime for having been too compliant and soft. Thinking about it in retrospect I agree. Where is the logic? Another trick to squeeze money out of you?

The thing is that I think the naked winter tyre looks so ugly, I insist on having hub caps although most people don't seem to be bothered.

So I had to ring them back this afternoon and spoke to the sales guy, who promised to speak with the service people. I want new hub caps "kostenlos" as the Germans say.

To make it worse, when I checked the car afterwards I could not find the special key for the lock nuts. The young mechanic, who got a little embarrassed and nervous about the nuts-and-bolts situation, had forgotten to put it back in the car. Although I hope never having to use it for a flat tyre, it needs to be in place just in case.

So now they have to send a driver tomorrow to deliver the special key to me.

BTW - I laughed, just like last year, at the little sticker they put on the dashboard saying not to exceed 210 kph ( 130 miles per hour!). Remember, we are talking German motorways here, with sometimes no speed limit. Vrooom!

Speed restriction


oreneta said...

Yeah, that sticker would probably make me giggle too...

Rositta said...

Two hours ago I picked up my van from the shop having just bought new rims for my winter tires. My tires look exactly like yours, black, ugly rim and all. My wonderful hubcaps (which are prettier than yours LOL), are staying in storage until spring. I have to say though that it doesn't bother me overmuch...ciao

Protege said...

I hate when they mess up something in the garage! The last time I had my car serviced (the full service), they forgot to cap my cooling liquid container. I was smoking by the time I got to work and I had no idea why! I was so worried that I had ruined the engine. But luckily not and they replaced and checked everything "kostenloss".;)
Yes, I love that 210km/h sticker!

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Yeah, the car doesn't even go that fast, only 205 kph. I have tried. :-0

Rositta - The summer tyres have thick spokes, no hub caps needed, so they are only needed for the winter, mostly to keep dirt out.

Zuzana - It can be infuriating. You entrust them with one of your most expensive belongings, and you are totally at their mercy. And when they mess it up, you often have to pay with your time as well!

Limningedge said...

Another thing we don't have to worry about here ... tee hee ... with a minimum temperature ever of 14C I don't think we will ice up!
Oh, and yes ... slow down you hoon you!

swenglishexpat said...

Limningedge - My average speed, normally, is somewhat lower. One thing you can say about German motorways is that however fast you drive, there is always somebody going even faster. You look more in the rear-view mirror than ahead of you, or so it seems!

Limningedge said...

Boy, does that remind me of a hasty trip once made between point A and B; we thought we were really hooting along until a deep throated hum came from behind and overtook us as if we were standing still! It was a couple in a gorgeous old Morgan sports car; they were dressed to match the vintage, her in head scarf and him in leather headgear, complete with Louis Vuitton leather suitcase strapped on the back ... the vision will stay with me forever...

LadyFi said...

I hear you! When we exchanged our three-year-old Citroen for another newer model - the winter tyres didn't fit and we ended up having to buy a whole new set!!

swenglishexpat said...

Limningedge - If they had an accident, at least they would possibly impress hospital staff or die in style!

LadyFi - Well, that takes the biscuit!