Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunny Normandy

February 11th 2010 005

Later today we're off to Normandy. Our neighbours sent us this picture from yesterday of our house, all dressed in white and bathing in sunshine. I bet it feels warmer outside than inside, so when we get there we have to turn on the electric radiators, stuff the woodburning stove and have a roaring fire to expel the damp air and dry out the stone walls, and THEN it will be cosy. Good thing we had these four stères (cubic metres) delivered just before we left last time.


As always we have plenty to read, and I always pack my netbook as well as my camera so I can transfer my photos there and then. I can of course also use my netbook to do some e-book reading and some writing. But we have no TV, phone line or internet.

I have considered getting mobile broadband, but I have been told it is rather expensive in France. I wish there was a European network so I could use the same dongle in more than one country without having to pay ludicrous sums of money for it. Does anybody have any ideas?


Protege said...

Ah, it looks lovely, although I hate admitting it, but I have had it with snow.;) Our bay has frozen and it looks like being in the Arctic!
But the fire sounds indeed cosy!
It is so annoying that Europe has not made a combined internet solution, as well as mobile network. I find it absolutely outrageous that as soon as I cross the borders my tariff becomes up to 50x bigger and surfing the net is out of the question.;)
But, perhaps in your case, you can enjoy being off line as well.;)
Have a lovely vacation,

oreneta said...

Relax and enjoy the tranquility????

Have a lovely time, and the bird is stunning.

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - Our snow melted slowly through the week almost like spring, but cold. Our neighbours now have wireless, so maybe I can get hooked up there?

Oreneta - Thanks, it was very relaxed. (See next post.)