Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sneaky Pics

Well, I am not sure sneaky pics is an accurate description of what I sometimes take, but I do like to take pictures of people who are unaware of my presence and therefore behave naturally. Like I have mentioned before I am fascinated by people and find them interesting, no not just beautiful women, but all people regardless of age, gender and character.

When I am in a crowd my camera often hangs from its strap on my stomach. I have a firm grip of it with my index finger ready, but I try to look as casual and cool as possible. Speed is often crucial in order to get an image of somebody or something passing by in a second or two, so I have my camera on auto setting and shoot from, not my hip, but my stomach.

I do sometimes ask if it is ok to take a photo, or I at least give them a friendly smile as a thank you, should they spot me in action. One thing which I would like to point out is that I always have the best intentions. I never publish a picture with ridicule in mind. I always treat my objects with respect.

Despite popular belief and custom, smiling at the camera is not the best idea for a good portrait. Experts always advise you to ask your “model” not to smile. That’s why I use stealth as my preferred method, because if people realise that they are being snapped, they sometimes wave and smile at you, unless they show that they object to the idea one way or other.

This summer I had the opportunity to take many photos of people. Like this old man in need of a rest on a bench in a busy market.

Old man resized

Or this shot on an off-chance in a very crowded street. Just look at all the eyes, in particular the eyes of the enamoured young couple on the left. Aren’t they sweet?

Young Love (40pxlpercm)

Then you have the opposite, a bored couple waiting for the rain to stop in Cologne last weekend.

Bored resized

In a French market place I took some pictures of two Police Municipale, and when he discovered that I was pointing my camera roughly in their direction, he asked me if I wanted to take a picture of him and his colleague. He was more than willing to pose for me, and a passing lady said something about him (or possibly them) being oh so handsome.

Police Municipal resized

Here is one I took earlier, and if I wanted to, I could come up with all sorts of suggestive captions! But I won’t.

Pol mun resized

All these images and many more will be added to my photo website in the coming days. Please come and visit me there.


Limningedge said...

ah ... people watching ... love it!

Zuzana said...

Love your sneaky pictures, they are great! You captured moments in time and they are so full of unspoken activity.;))
Great to see you back in the blog world again.;)

swenglishexpat said...

Limningedge - Everybody is watching everybody, like in the old song!

Zuzana - Thanks. Yes, one could write a long essay about each and every picture.

CanadianSwiss said...

Great shots, Swenglish!

swenglishexpat said...

CS - Thank you. Hope you are doing well. :-)