Thursday, December 02, 2010

Winter Came Early

All of a sudden we had the first snow, on the last day of November, and then much more today.

Snow on top

Since it got cold I have noticed the birds having a greater appetite. Add snow to that and they start getting more aggressive, in particular the Greenfinches.

Greenfinches fighting off great tit

The Great Tit had to wait for its turn. But this Blue Tit was luckier, the female Spotted Woodpecker had her own food supply. Is that the same Great Tit waiting up there?

Female woodpecker and blue tit

Some flowers had not even had time to fall off the shrubs before the snow settled.

Rose in snow


Chris Petrak said...

I'm catching up, and I am glad I did not miss this post - good pics of the feeder birds, and they sent me to the Europe guide to get their relatives and relationship with birds I know. No snow here, but a few more days of cold, and we'll be skating on the ponds.

swenglishexpat said...

Chris - It is interesting that birds vary between continents. Even between countries within Europe. Take a common garden bird like the robin and there is slightly different colouring between what I see in my German garden and pictures from the UK. Or is it not due to geography, perhaps season or gender or age?