Friday, February 18, 2011

Not So Old Pictures Continued

I had a comment from Oreneta with the very appropriate and justified question whether an image in my previous post came straight out of the camera. The answer is “not quite”. I used my photo editing software “Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2” to make a small adjustment. The result is like pulling off a thin coating of grey as you can see below.

Tech spec:

(All corrections within a range of max 100)

Focus – 44 sharper

Saturation – 20 more colourful

Brightness – 19 brighter, –60 shadows and 20 more highlights

I used the software’s One Step Photo Fix, and to me it looks just like clearing it up a bit. The difference is obvious when you see them next to each other, although it is a rather subtle enhancement. I sometimes use this feature when I want to check how I have managed my camera settings, what with all the ISAs, shutter speeds, depth of field and so on. I quite like the original, but the light was disappearing and there was a change of temperature creating humidity, hence the “grey coating”.

See what you think. Original on the left.

DSC_1136_20110216_12101 jpg from tiff DSC_1136_20110216_12101 ab

How is this for being honest!


oreneta said...

It's a stunning picture in the original, but the photoshop heightens the magic a wee bit more, no? Especially the light off the trees....what a magical day....what time of day was it?

There was no imprecation meant by the question, it was purely a question about the day. Must have been a stunner. And it is a lovely photo!

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Thanks. It was taken on 16 Feb at 17:11. I believe you are very observant, and I thought it was interesting to put them up against each other to show exactly what difference a little tweaking makes. I sometimes find that the camera is better than my own eye when it comes to taking in the full beauty. I'm off on a week's holiday in France now. See you later!

janeywan said...

I like the first better, it to me projects the mood the best, should we say damp and dreay. The second of course has more pop but a bit to sharp for that kind of day, maybe??? JMHO and a personal taste, both are lovely!

Peter H said...

prefer the second for most purposes...and Oreneta has said it well.

However, the original does convey the dreariness better.

might depend on where being used. I think the contrast is heightened in the second and enhances just so slightly colour that , I believe improves it.......for most purposes.

swenglishexpat said...

Janeywan and Peter H - (Just back from a week's holiday.) Thank you both for your opinions. It is interesting how subtle differences can swing your vote this way and that way. It is in the eye of the beholder!