Friday, May 06, 2011

French Garden Beauty

It is almost a month since we arrived at our French retreat to enjoy some tranquility. The garden was peaceful but not quiet; birds were singing, there was a constant humming of insects in the air and the flowers and trees exploded in the hot spring temperatures. The birch developed its little mouse ears into full-sized leaves and the apple tree attracted intense attention from all kinds of insects. Now spring has advanced to these somewhat more northern latitudes in Germany with the same force and energy, so we hope to enjoy a relaxed time in the garden this weekend.

To remind myself and to share with any passing blog surfer, I post these three photographs from Normandy.

DSC_1509_20110410_12474 birch catkin ab        DSC_1500_20110410_12465 hawkweed ab

DSC_1503_20110410_12468 png apple blossom ab


Anonymous said...

Such splendid shots! Enjoy spring and your garden!

christina said...

Beautiful photos!

What a difference latitude makes, eh? We noticed that the vegetation where we stayed in Denmark was about two weeks behind that of our town in Germany. The buds on the trees were just starting to open, the first daffodils just coming up. We were stunned to arrive back in Germany to a huge burst of colour and green leaves. Now I've got my work cut out for me!

Anonymous said...

lovely; such soft petals

swenglishexpat said...

LadyFi - Thank you, I will!

Christina - Thanks, yes travelling north-south brings it home to you. If you start in the south, you can of course experience spring several times! :-)

Anonymous "R" - Thanks for the visit and kind words!