Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back Garden Wildlife

The other day I was left frustrated by my rather outdated computer. It is not that old, but you know how technology ages at the speed of light it seems.

I had spotted a buzzard in trees just outside our garden several times, but had not been fortunate to have the photo equipment set up. But the other day was different. I took over 500 (!) pictures of a beautiful buzzard perched on a branch overlooking the garden.

There were shots of him scratching himself with his sharp talons, preening his feathers with his beak and even yawning showing his tongue! Then what happened? My PC buggered it all up!

Trying to transfer the images to the PC, it managed to corrupt the files and destroy all of them. I nearly cried!

Today luck was on my side. I snapped a gorgeous sparrowhawk in the same tree as the buzzard earlier in the week, and I also got a good shot of a little siskin looking miserable in the snowfall.

I feel happier now!



oreneta said...

GREAT photos, especially the first, he looks so ... interrupted!

Zuzana said...

Welcome back, so good to see you back blogging.;) I know all about that frustration of loosing data or photo, my computer recently crashed and I lost everything, it was awful. Fortunately I recently backed up some of my files, but I lost most of our Sammy (the cat) pictures.:(
Love the image you present here, birds are so difficult to photograph.;)
Have a great weekend,

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Thank you. He was preening himself with his back to me, so it was the equivalent of catching somebody naked in the bath!

Zuzana - Thank you. The buzzard was sitting pretty for 50 mins and I took over 500 photos, more than 12 GB! I had it set to "fast continuous", snapped like a machine gun. I was editing the SD card through my PC, getting rid of most of them. But I am very pleased with the series of the sparrowhawk. Patience is the key word , never give up!

Limningedge said...

the little yeloow guy does look a little chilled!

swenglishexpat said...

Limningedge - Well, doesn't he just!