Monday, January 19, 2015

Got my blog back!

I have not blogged here for some considerable time, but when I checked not long ago, I could not access my blog. It redirected to Neoworks, which used to show flags from all the countries my visitors came from.

When I googled the problem I spotted somebody's video showing how to restore the blog. It worked thanks to this Indian guy (by the sound of his accent). His demonstration solved my problem in only a few clicks. I am very grateful.

Maybe I will pay more attention to this blog in the future. It needs updating. Watch this space!


swenglishexpat said...

Just checking, bjp.

Matthew Rees said...

Good to have you back :-)

Swenglishnick said...

Hej Anders,

This is a very random contact but please hear me out.

I am Swenglish too and happened to google the term Swenglish birding and came across your blog. I had a quick glance and saw that you also appear to be a Liverpool Fan and may have links with Malmo. This is why I thought I would drop you a line in case you were also a MFF fan.

I have a friend who is a very long standing LFC fan and he collects tickets from all LFC international games. The only one he is missing is from the LFC - MFF game in the 60s and he is trying to find a way of tracking down someone who might collect MFF tickets.

Random I know but I just thought I would ask in case you had any contact in Malmo who might collect MFF tickets.

YNWA & Heja Sverige