Tuesday, February 26, 2008

French February Holiday

We had not been to our French house since the summer, so we were really looking forward to all the country pleasures - sleeping, eating, reading and walking. Sounds good, doesn't it? We had glorious weather for the first half of the week and then it clouded over but got a little warmer as well. There was plenty of firewood in the shed to keep the house cosy and we had a lot of literature to enjoy.

After the usual late breakfast we went for a walk most of the days. The countryside around us offers a wonderful walk any time, but a warm winter sun makes it even more pleasurable. So I have put together a slide show for you to enjoy. It takes us somewhere between one and two hours to do this walk, but it will only take you a little over two minutes to watch it, unless you choose to pause it to take a closer look at a particular picture of course.

Let me take you for a stroll in the French countryside; just hit the button!

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Diane Mandy said...

Nice! It sort of reminds me of my home in rural Virginia. Very lovely.

lillian said...

Great idea ! l'll have to use smilebox sometime. what a good idea.

Lynda said...

I was wondering where you nicked off too! - Lovely photos - just what I needed today.

Eric Valentine said...

I too was wondering where you vanished too Swen.

Very nice pictures & good presentation with the smiley.. :)

Carol said...

! (I came THIS close to getting a job at Smilebox! Sigh! Love that place!)


Rositta said...

That was really lovely. Looks l little like southern Ontario farm country, except our cows look different....ciao

swenglishexpat said...

Thanks to all above for commenting. Nice to be missed :-) and glad to be able to remind people of familiar countryside elsewhere. Yes, Smilebox really is a clever little thing. I've got another French walk in the pipeline, coming soon.