Monday, February 04, 2008

German Carnival

Who said that Germans cannot enjoy themselves? Rubbish! They seem to always have a public holiday, a party or some festivity coming up. Now is time for Karneval, or Fasching in southern Germany. Yesterday in Düsseldorf I took these shots and 15-sec video. Click on pictures to enlarge!

Shops and banks were boarded up.

Police were keeping an eye on things.

A new version of the German “Tankstelle”!

Or you could have a beer-mobile.

Or be a BeerBuster!

How’s this for an afro?

Badge Man

Batman and Pippi Langstrumpf

A more natural-looking Longstocking


Watch that spout!

Weird or what?

This is not a toilet, thank you very much!

Bare necessities.

The aftermath

15 seconds of elephant dance. (Check out the guy on the left when the lady comes up to him!)


Lynda said...

Rosenmontag... oh what fun. Shame that so many people now use it as an excuse to get absolutely leg-less (Hence the need to board up the shops!) My in-laws have a huge cupboard in the keller full of costumes that my kids love playing with. Fantastic photos...

swenglishexpat said...

Lynda - Some people must have spent ages on getting organised for the events. Most striking was the themed groups of friends or families. They take this very seriously!