Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Duckhead soft plastic Duckhead says: It's hard work isn't it, Christmas shopping? In and out of shops, standing waiting, looking at this and looking at that, comparing prizes, guessing sizes, 20% off, 3 for 2, no wrapping service, wondering what you bought them last year, the question of the right colour, feet starting to ache, back starting to complain, Christmas muzak everywhere, arms getting heavy, stomach beginning to rumble, crazed shoppers jumping the queue to the check-out, a freezing car waiting for you in the cheap outdoor car park, and yet we do it every year.

But that is not why I look a bit queasy today; that is the Irish pork spiked with dioxin I had last night! I wonder if a pint of Guinness would help?


Eric Valentine said...

In England years ago, (don't know if it's the same today) they used to give a patient a guiness/Mackinsons stout, lots of iron and good for you.. Get feeling better soon Swen :)

The back gives to you every time LOL

Diane said...

A pint (of nearly anything) always helps (unless the woe is a hangover... 'cause then it totally doesn't help... I'm not one of those 'the hair of the dog' sorts... blech).

I despise Christmas shopping with a passion. Thank God for online shopping!! The shipping fees are worth avoiding the 'shopping fees' (sore feet, sore back, grumpy attitude, cold car, etc).

swenglishexpat said...

Eric - I might just take your advice! Feeling better already.

Diane - You are right, it did help. I have just had a Weizenbier with a meal out, and I totally agree with you on the online shopping. Living like we do, abroad, it is great just getting online and buy books in English, music, techie gadgets.... Makes life much easier. BTW I'm not grumpy normally, I just go quiet. ;-)

matthew_in_ham said...

I'm an on-line shopper too. I hate going into Kingston at this time of year and am doing my best to avoid it.

swenglishexpat said...

Matthew - I lived in Kingston when they built the Bentall Centre. I understand you all too well!