Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dribs and Drabs Launch

AB snap cyanotype

My photo web site is coming along, if not nicely, at least little by little.

I struggled for days with uploading changes that I made before I eventually figured out how to do it. I was quite ecstatic after having launched the site initially, but any subsequent additions or changes caused me problems.

Uploading elements of various kinds was slightly more complicated than I first thought. I imagined it was just a matter of uploading the html page in question, and everything that belonged to it or was affected by it would follow suit. Oh no, it wasn't.

Some pages loaded very slowly on the site, others not at all, so I looked into the size issue. Were there too many pictures in the flash galleries? Comparing file sizes did not make much sense. Was the type of gallery of any importance? My conclusion was to turn off the auto play function so the viewer wouldn't have to wait for all pictures to load before the slide show got going. But that did not solve all the problems.

In the end I found scripts and xml pages that needed to be dealt with on an individual basis, as well as the images themselves. That's when the problem of the software renaming all the images as they were prepared for uploading, came into play. In the ftp client that I use for uploading you can only get the file name, not thumbnails, so it was very difficult to find the relevant files, with names like "x87tjkh.jpg" for instance, keeping in mind that there are many hundreds of files in the one folder!

Then the simple solution hit me on the head like a giant silver hammer. Sometimes you get so involved that you don't think of the simplest solution. I should have known better.

The obvious way of finding all files that had been changed was of course, here it comes..., to click at the top of the list to sort the files according to time & date. The most recently changed or created files sit on top and can be selected very easily for transfer. Dooohh!! I am almost ashamed to admit it.

But now I can get on with completing the folders and photo galleries with the pictures I have lined up, upload them skillfully without a hitch and then get on with the comments page, which I think still does not work properly. I have, by the way, put a permanent link to the photo site on the right of this blog.

And again, apologies to my regular readers for not visiting your sights as frequently. I promise to improve shortly.


Anonymous said...

All that gave me a headache! :)

Off to look at all your hard work.

Having trouble with comments,

Life in Westcliffe

Rositta said...

I'm going to check out your photos. I haven't been visiting all my friends too much lately either, just the way life works sometimes...ciao

swenglishexpat said...

Janeywan - Sorry about the headache! I have changed the comments page to give the option to comment here or on my photo blog until I get it sorted. Hope you enjoy my photos.

Rositta - I know what you mean, there is a real world out there too. ;-) Hope you enjoy my photos.

swenglishexpat said...

Rositta - Thank you, I just discovered that your comment on the web site worked. I got an email through Firefox. You must have a magic touch!

Veronica said...

I am glad I chose the timing I did for my trip away... it is all fixed when I resurfaced!
I find I will sometimes get so involved and intense about a situation that I can't see the wood for the trees... ah well, that's life.