Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Week in France

On Sunday we returned from France after a 7 1/2 hr drive in torrential rain, very strong winds and reduced visibility. No wonder I was tired yesterday. We had superb weather all week long though.

When we arrived at our house we were greeted by this sight, our bedroom floor covered with lots of more or less dead flies. Don't know why.

Most of the week we used these tools.

Some stuff ended up as kindling ...

... and some was just left on the ground for now (on the left). What remains of the Mock Orange Blossom on the right!)

We also went for walks, for instance along this river where the authorities had regulated water levels in order to be able to inspect bridges and locks et cetera. Not many boats could more at this jetty.

Then, on the last day, our wood-delivering farmer turned up in a monster of a tractor, which he very skillfully managed to manaeuvre between hedges and concrete posts , and promptly left us with a mountain of logs to take care of. With a neighbour's help we managed to stack it all just before sunset.

So now I am back to using all my spare time to work on my photo web site so I can launch it (sounds a bit pretentious!) some time before my hair grows even whiter.


Protege said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a very active holidays.;) I too have been stocking wood recently.;)
The dead flies on your floor is a very strange thing. Hmm. Can you have perhaps a dead animal somewhere (a mouse, bird) in the house? That would attract flies at one point I would guess.;) Try to do a net search.;)

oreneta said...

Sounds, ummmm, restful? Was the food good anyway?

Rositta said...

We usually find dead flies at our cabin after a lengthy absence, but never as many as in you photo...ciao

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - Thank you. It was a busy week. No, there was no dead animal, and the room, converted from a loft, is pretty well sealed by now. It might be the warm weather perhaps, who knows?

Oreneta - After all the work, the food tasted particularly good!

Rositta - This was the first time we had so many. There are usually some flying around or lying dead on window sills, because the house is after all in the countryside, loads of cows around! But we'll see when we get there next!