Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Is But a Dream - Love Padlocks / Liebesschlösser Revisited

In October last year I wrote about the padlocks on the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne, a post that has been found by quite a few searches from all over the world. I have been back, and now on the southern side where most of them are.

You see people, who walk across the bridge, stopping regularly to look at padlocks and read the inscriptions. And there are tens of thousands to look at, in particular on the southern side of the bridge.

DSC_0057_20100328_9155 ab

One couple, who secured their love padlock on New Year's Day this year, has already lost two of their four ladybirds for luck. Does that mean luck is running out already for Katharina and Bernhard? Who knows?

DSC_0058_20100328_9156 ab

Some cynic or sad loser who has not found love yet, has painted a message on the footpath in German:

DSC_0064_20100328_9162 ab

"Liebe ist nur ein Traum" - "Love Is But a Dream"

Others are displaying some strong feelings, including handcuffs. Or is that possibly a bit kinky?

DSC_0054_20100328_9152 ab

How about this one then? Did the maker of that padlock design it in complete innocence or was it meant to look slightly rude? Is that a sex god? Well, it is a love padlock after all, I suppose!

DSC_0063_20100328_9161 ab



oreneta said...

The bottom one is the best. Pun pun pun....

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - I had a suspicion you would like it! ;-) (No flirting)

Protege said...

That was a fun update, I clearly recall your post about the locks.;)
*Love is but a dream* for some unfortunately is a very true fact - whoever wrote it was neither cynic or a looser, I believe. Perhaps only one of the many sad and unfortunate lonely people in our modern world, that never find true love.;)
Great pictures, even the last one.;)

Veronica said...

maybe that's a chastity belt lock?

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - I hope nobody gets offended by my words, but I thought it was perhaps not the most sympathetic act trying to spoil it for all those romantic people with ugly graffiti.

Veronica - Now there, go steady!