Monday, October 11, 2010

Went for a Walk Yesterday

It was a beautiful autumn day with wonderful sunshine without a cloud in the sky. The little roads and paths were brimming with life; people of all ages took advantage of the opportunity to walk or cycle. You met people in the remotest corner of the forest and we all said our polite “Guten Tag” to each other, making it even more enjoyable. How very civilised!

My camera accompanied us and I snapped a few here and there, trying to catch some interesting light. After two hours’ walking this was my best attempt.

Autumn light and cobweb


Zuzana said...

Beautiful image!;) I love that people greet each other, I am sure you enjoy that custom in the German culture. Scandinavians are much more reserved in that area.;)

Limningedge said...

Wow, that looks like sunlight!
We have been in sunny Queensland for 4 days and all we have see is rain, and there has been flooding and mayhem!
But then again, that how droughts end in Australia - with floods ;-)
(and even the word verification was 'unglo'

swenglishexpat said...

Zuzana - It's like in the "good old days", quite nice actually.

Limningedge - We are having a prolonged autumn with little if no rain and unusually warm temperatures. I am confident the nasty stuff will hit us soon! Well, Oz is just a bit more extreme than this part of Germany. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo... I am a walker too and love saying 'tag zusammen... when I pass 2 or more people.

swenglishexpat said...

Lulusbay - Thanks, I have to listen out for that "zusammen" bit, never heard that before.