Friday, January 28, 2011

Macro Photography

I wrote before about my new Sigma lens (300 mm), which also has a macro function. If you set it between 200 and 300 mm you can take incredible close-ups. I tried indoors the other day because it was too cold outside to stand there and fiddle with camera equipment. One reason I also had a good go at it was that I initially feared that I had damaged the auto focus before I knew how to operate the lens. I had accidentally left it in auto focus mode, and then I tried to change the focus manually. Not good!

Luckily I had not ruined my Christmas present and it focused beautifully, albeit noisily. It is not as quiet as the standard kit lenses, but I don’t mind. Like one reviewer on Amazon said, I don’t think it will scare birds in the woods too easily.

I have three examples for you, nothing fancy or pretty, just ordinary objects. The first one is of a Swedish little wooden horse, part of a Noughts and Crosses play set. The red fella is only four or five cm long approximately, but click on the picture and see how large you can make him. It regrettably reveals the dust on top of it with ease!


The second one is a detail of a vase of ordinary size. The depth of field is very shallow, so much that the string to the right is completely out of focus.


The last object is part of a candle snuffer, the bell being approximately five cm high. Again, look at the detail when you have enlarged it.


I think I will enjoy learning to work with this new lens. It does both long distance and extremely short distance. If I then set the camera to the optimal quality image, it will be possible to magnify with great detail up to poster size. But where do I find a printer that can cope with that? Only joking…



janeywan said...

I love macro! I should look into this lens. Don't know if I can having 3 different ones.

swenglishexpat said...

Janey - Is there a limit? It would be great if you like macro, but also for your bird pictures, getting closer without disturbing them!

oreneta said...

There's lots of printers that can blow that up to poster size, by printers I mean places that print rather than the machine that attaches to your computer. Those are some amazing photos, I am being tempted by a macro lens! The camera doesn't switch lenses though, and I think that is OK in fact. Tempting though.

Zuzana said...

Beautiful closeups. It is so much fun when one discovers the macro-world.;)) Have fun with your new lens.)) And good luck finding a printer.;)

swenglishexpat said...

Zuzana - Thanks. I think a major photo shop or printer's will be able to print A3 or poster size when I am ready, when I have managed to choose which image to print.

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Sorry, how could I forget to reply? Thanks. Yes, I think I have to turn to some professional when I feel ready to print big.

Peter H said...

gotta love macro lens.......have used a lot both for work and for fun, mainly botanical stuff.
and I miss my great macro lens on a film camera.

Is there a model for Sony Alpha cameras?

swenglishexpat said...

Peter - Yes, macro is fascinating for some reason. There is something about moving into Lilliputian territory, like another world. Don't know about Sony Alpha though.