Thursday, June 14, 2007


After a period of more work than usual and little time to blog, it was lovely to get a phone call yesterday from a certain little person, my granddaughter. Well, I suppose Dad had a lot to do with it. The phone rang and there was no immediate 'Hello' or similar, just somebody breathing and making sounds rather than proper words; she is after all only two years and two months old. So I had to start the conversation by asking if it was A and I said who I was. The reply was a loud and happy-sounding 'farfar' (granddad); she knew to whom she was talking. After an outdrawn conversation with 'interpretation help' from Dad he told me that they had a cuddly moment on the sofa after work and nursery respectively.

When she lost interest in our long-distance conversation, Dad told me about the job offer he had just turned down. He had been headhunted and people had tried to make him move abroad to take on a very interesting and well-paid job. After some intense deliberation he had decided against it, admitting that he had been extremely tempted. But it would have been rather ironic had they moved to London, now that we have left London for Germany!

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