Thursday, June 28, 2007

Visit long overdue

Finally my mother got here. Readers of this blog might remember from an earlier post that our previous attempt to fly my 84-year-old mother here was sabotaged by a wild cabin crew strike. Two months later she is here. She was all smiles, supported by her trusted friend, the rollator, when we collected her at the airport yesterday. We had a welcome drink of champagne at home and later dinner. Still all smiles.

But this morning we had a minor crisis on our hands, she could not find her passport! Her best guess was that it had fallen out of a pocket as she wriggled her jacket off and on on the plane. So I had to spend some time on the phone. As I just had got the not so encouraging message that it would be complicated getting it back even if they found it, not to mention if they did not find it, she shouted from downstairs ‘I’ve got it!’ It had been in her handbag all along. All the excitement yesterday had been a bit too much and she could not remember that she had done ‘the right thing’ and put the passport where it should be in preparation for her stay here. All’s well that ends well, but I think her blood pressure was slightly challenged for half an hour!

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Bjebeje said...

If you topped up those glasses for her, I think I know why she suffered from ÅNK (Åldersrelaterad Nedsättning av Korttidsminnet)