Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Amanda’s Great German Adventure

My granddaughter arrived pulling her own cabin luggage, the equivalent of an adult suitcase. She likes to do things herself, will not accept any help unless she gets really stuck. Her German holiday was about to begin.

She had a wonderful 8-day week with four adults looking after her, as much as she would let us, that is. She is a very independent and strong-willed little individual, 2 years and 3 months old. Her table manners and fine motor ability are way above that of her peer group. This is quite useful when you eat out, something we did on several occasions.

I will let the video and pictures speak for themselves; I can only say that she had a lot of fun in both sunshine and rain. She went to many of the same places as did my 84-year-old mother a couple of weeks ago, with the added attraction of a visit to a zoo. Her greatest fascination must have been when the elephant "had its hair washed".

I felt a bit sad when she queued up for the security check with her enormous cabin luggage, but I knew she also carried many sweet memories and the cuddly German bear from the Welcome Committee.


christina said...

She's lovely! And she does have impeccable table manners - what a little lady. :-)

Carol said...

She's adorable! I watched every moment of the video. Now I have grandparent-envy!