Sunday, July 08, 2007


Yes, I was on a roller a lot of the time we were out on our bikes today. The weather was gorgeous today so we just had to get them out. (BTW ‘Volvo’ means ‘I roll’ in Latin. Otherwise our Sunday-best car is a SAAB 9-3. I have to fly the Swedish flag, you know!) Mrs S has a modern bike with thick tyres,

I have a 25-year-old (at least) racer with thin tyres,

so I have to hold back a lot and brake downhill not to run into her. I still have not bought another one despite the fact that it is slightly too small for me. Why did I buy it in the first place? My previous one, a black Bianco (get the joke?), was stolen by one of those organised gangs with a lorry, big metal cutters and a lot of audacity. They just pull up and cut the bikes free, load them onto their vehicle and disappear in the night.

We had a beautiful ride today in the rather flat surroundings, along cycle paths, forest paths and agricultural roads. The ride took us past farms with horses and cows, through open landscape and shady forests with little rivers. You have to take the opportunity; I bet it will flipping rain tomorrow!

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Eric Valentine said...

Hi, Just took a quick flip at your blog and i will come back and read more. Most interesting.. :)