Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garage Sale – looking for bargains

On Sunday morning a friend of ours rang and said in a slightly excited voice that their neighbour had a power cleaner for sale. Hurry before he sells it to someone else! Of course, it was the day of the garage sale in our area and we were late.

After a quick breakfast we got there in time to view the machine and loads of other stuff. This was only the beginning of a very successful day of a string of bargains filling the car completely. In particular the last place was like a goldmine; they were moving and tried to get rid of as much as possible. The lady of the house was on her own and knew little about the machinery, tools and other gadgets. Any low offer we made, she accepted straight away.

We ended up with a garden vac, power cleaner (from the first place), strimmer, a tool with a rotating brush to weed between flagstones etc. etc. There was enough to set up a hire shop or start a gardening business. Most of them had only been used a few times and one was even still in its packaging! We felt like we were robbing her, but she was only too pleased to get rid of all the stuff, otherwise they would have to pay for moving it all to the UK. So, we were really doing them a favour, were we not? The irony of it all was obviously that I had just finished doing this type of garden work a couple of days ago, but I can now look forward to future gardening with less strain on my poor body.

Best of all was that this lady had a good quality car seat for my granddaughter, who will be visiting shortly. From other ‘garages’ we also got toys, a trike and some lovely little dresses. Little Amanda and her parents are travelling with a low-budget airline and have strict luggage limitations, so we figured we had to stock up a bit on life’s essentials.

This is Saturday’s Welcome Committee.


Eric Valentine said...

You did do very well for yourself my frined and a good looking row of welcome wishers lined up! :)

ChristinaG said...

Wow! Great finds. I've never managed to find anything useful or needed at a garage sale. Maybe it's the neighborhoods I've lived in...

christina said...

You got some wonderful stuff - something for everyone. :-) Garage sales aren't really popular in our area yet, but my husband takes the boys to the flea market in Hannover every Saturday morning (at 6:30 a.m.!) and they get some amazing deals then.