Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long Time No Post

My mind has not been so full of fruits for my blog lately, it has been busy elsewhere. But here I am. I have had time to read some other blogs though, and I noticed that one blogger friend had changed to the same template as I have. The colours were different as expected but she had also a big, beautiful picture in her header. I had a look in her source html, but it looked the same as mine, so I could not figure out why my fruit photo would not expand. In the end, after a lot of trial-and-error, I figured out that my photo simply was too small. So I found another one which I had snapped in France at a market, and now it happened! Some tweaking later I had a new banner spanning the whole of my 22-inch screen. I only hope it does not cause problems for people with normal screen sizes.

(Click to enlarge. See how thin the thread is!)

My oldest readers might remember that apart from many birds, we also get squirrels in our garden. I have posted video clips before of squirrels raiding the bird food. With the new bird feeder it is extremely difficult for our furry friends to steal from the birdies, or so I thought. Check out this young athlete, not only can he hang by his hind legs, he also manages to slide down the thin sewing threads that hold the two grease balls full of seeds. But can he get back up? Watch him in this minute-long video. The little rascal!


CanadianSwiss said...

Amazing (rascals), aren't they?! LOL!

BTW, I did think it could be the size of the pict in your header. My pict was taken in a 16:9 format with our new camera, and I didn't crop it for the header. Makes sense, but I somehow felt you'd find a solution ;)

christina said...

I like your new header. I have to scroll across to see it all, but I can still read your posts and side bar.

I saw a little red squirrel just like that one for the first time in our town today. They seem to congregate in the big city and we rarely see them out where we live. No idea why that would be.

Lynda said...

You header looks fabbo on my imac screen... those peaches are juicy.

I adore squirrels - perhaps because I didn't grow up with them. Get a big thrill whenever I am walking through the German parks and woods and one darts... my 6 year old feels the same. They are too cute, but naughty naughty eating the bird food!

swenglishexpat said...

CS - thanks for your input, it got me there in the end.

Christina - the red, European ones are much sweeter than the grey, North-American ones that have taken over in the UK, big bullies they are!

Lynda - when our young squirrel sits on the ground holding some food with both paws and his little mouth is munching away...then one goes "aaahh!"