Sunday, September 14, 2008

River Music in Cologne

We have just come back from Cologne where we strolled along the river bank just like a thousand other people on this sunny afternoon taking in the atmosphere. Oh no, don't start thinking about the old Kinks hit from the sixties, if you are old enough to remember or know, but it was one music scene after the other. Within a few hundred meters we came across these four, it has to be said, rather good groups/artist, all playing different kinds of music. We stopped and listened to a few numbers from everyone, tapping our feet with a smile on our faces most of the time.

Why do these guys make me think of ZZ Top?

01 ZZ Top gone silver

This gentleman played some lovely light classics.

02 Grand piano

After that we were treated to both Bamboleiro and Guantanamera.

03 Spanish guitar

The fourth outfit was a group of young jazz/blues musicians with the lead guitarist earning special praise.

04 Jazzy bluesy

Then I spotted this example of the dangers of long-term parking. Not much for the poor owner to collect! Maybe she (I think) could find some consolation in the nearby chocolate museum as advertised.

05 Choc bike


matthew_in_ham said...

We had a holiday in Cologne a few years ago, simply because it was easy to get to by train from the UK, and really enjoyed the atmosphere by the river. I'm not quite sure why, but one of my photos of the area was recently picked from Flikr for an online guide book, see

Diane Mandy said...

Looks like you had a lovely time!

swenglishexpat said...

Matthew - Yes, it is a very attractive city riverside with a metropolitan feel to it. I hope you were rewarded financially for your photo!

Diane - We've decided to go more often, it's only 50 mins on the motorway.