Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Little Blue One

I have found it increasingly difficult to focus on my "writing project", "literary ambitions", you know, the book that I am trying to write.

When I am at my PC with its wonderful big screen and many temptations, like blogging, online papers and much more, my self-discipline often lets me down. I feel I am getting nowhere with my writing, so I came up with a "cunning plan", just like Baldrick in Blackadder, but hopefully somewhat cleverer.

Sometimes when I have been away from my study and used good old pen and paper, or even better, my wife's work laptop when we've been on holiday, I have produced many more pages than I normally do at home. So here comes my cunning plan.

I have bought myself a netbook, a mini laptop, to use mainly for writing but also for storing photos that I can show to people when travelling to Sweden for instance.

My new little blue one is a Samsung NC10, a beautiful little thing. After some internet research I decided that the NC10 was the best option for me. It has a near-full-size keyboard with nice, big keys and a crispy clear screen. One negative aspect is that there is no CD/DVD drive, but I intend to use my external hard drive from the PC to copy and then transfer data to the netbook. For smaller amounts of data I will use my USB stick. The best feature of this wonderful little machine, which definitely clinched it, is the battery, which gives you up to 5-6 hours. That beats all competition easily; some other popular netbooks only give you 2-3 hours before the battery is flat and needs recharging.

As the icing on the cake, I also bought a blue-tooth mouse, which of course also is blue, my favourite colour.

Now it only remains to see if my cunning plan will bear fruit, as in Fruits of My Mind (!), or not. Time will tell. (And I apologise to my bloglings (blogger friends), whose blogs I have not visited often enough of late. I have been preoccupied with other stuff and feel very guilty, sorry!)

Blue Samsung NC10


Eric Valentine said...

Like the pic of your new addition Swen, also your idea for keeping up with your writing project. I sometimes also use a voice recorder and find it helps my friend. :)

Protege said...

Congratulations on your new blue.;)) I am an ibook person myself.;)) Computers are so much fun; often I think how heavily we rely on them today and what marvelous things they make possible.;))

LadyFi said...

Good luck with your writing projects!

Like the perky blue computer.

swenglishexpat said...

Eric - Voice recorder? I have not tried that yet. You are one ahead of me , Eric!

Protege - I have now managed to install all the necessary software, including Adobe Digital Editions so I can read eBooks on it. Great for when you are on holiday; read, write and look at photos!

LadyFi - Thank you, now I just need it to do some work!