Thursday, June 04, 2009

No Excuse, Just an Explanation

No, I have not disappeared, I'm still here, but work, other commitments and a holiday got in the way. It is my busiest period of the year at the moment, so I have had no time to spare. Blogging has sadly suffered.

I have used my new netbook, Samsung NC 10, for a lot of writing. My plan seems to be working. When we went to our house in France for half term holidays my new friend was by my side all the time. It began when we stayed overnight as usual in Albert. I intended to read some e-book on my netbook, turned it on and to my astonishment it told me it had detected a wireless connection. I clicked, as you do, to investigate, and found myself connected to the internet. I read some Swedish newspapers instead and even watched a music video before tucking in. Great, I thought, I did not expect this. I ended up later in the week walking the streets of various places with netbook in hand to search for internet connections. I must have looked a right fool!

It also struck me that, as late as in the sixties, people in the UK used the word wireless for a radio, which no young person of today would know, unless they watch black-and-white films.

As always when we return to our house and garden, the house needs airing and the garden needs, well, chopping down. The lawn was a meadow with half a metre of grass and flowers and had to be strimmed before it could be mowed. But we settled in straight away as usual and the week just flew by.

Now we are back, but the coming weekend we will go to my (kid) brother's 50th birthday party, so I will continue to be a bad blogger for some more time. I have however a collection of photos from our holiday in this post, and I will put up some more here and on my photo blog of interesting bird activity in our garden in other posts. See you soon bloglings!

Mural, Albert
Floral Decoration, Albert
Lawn before
Lawn after
Neighbours' Lovely Front
With a Sense of Humour
Can You See the Moon?
Not So Naked Trees


Protege said...

Lovely pictures! I too want a house in France, please.;))
And I agree with you, it is fantastic to travel and realize that the whole world (almost) is wireless at this point. What one can do with just a mobile phone these days, right? Not to talk about a computer.;)
Enjoy the beginning of the summer.;))

Diane said...

Wonderful pictures! LOVE the 1916 mural!

Kelsey said...

The house and yard look great!

Eric Valentine said...

Good to see u back, got a chuckle out of the grumpy old man sign.. very nice shots my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - especially that humorous sign!

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - Thank you. Technology certainly never stands still!

Diane - Thanks, yeah he must have had some BIG brushes! ;-)

Kelsey - Thank you.

Eric - Thanks, good to see YOU back. That 'old man' is a lovely old guy actually.

swenglishexpat said...

LadyFi - Thank you. It takes an understanding man to leave that sign on the wall, don't you think?