Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh, What a Party!

We went to Sweden (Malmö) to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday. Before the party itself, one of the highlights of the trip took place, when my mother met little Hampus, her great grandchild, for the first time.


But I kept hold of him most of the time, what else did you expect?

The party had been moved to 6th June, which just happens to be the Swedish National Day, hence the abundance of flags.


Then the party got underway with interesting drinks, delicious food, good company, loud music and dancing, some funny and emotional speeches, a musical tribute and a lot of good humour.

DSC_0185_20090606_1777 DSC_0203_20090606_1795
DSC_0404_20090606_1995 DSC_0243_20090606_1835
DSC_0252_20090606_1844 DSC_0223_20090606_1815
DSC_0323_20090606_1915 DSC_0370_20090606_1961
DSC_0282_20090606_1874 DSC_0336_20090606_1927

By the time I went to bed at nearly three in the morning (!) this was the view from my mother's balcony.


The sun seems to be hiding only just below the horizon. Some party people might have been hiding in bed the day after, and some might even have been in need of these to get back into shape.


(Only joking; it's my mum's weekly medication, but you knew that.)

Throats were a little sore from talking over loud music and the body knew it had been dancing for far too long. But it was all worth it; we all had a great time, everybody from my mother (86) down to Hampus and Måns (2 1/2 wks), who went for the quiet option.

DSC_0182_20090606_1774 DSC_0175

Who said it is not fun getting older? I certainly had a lot of fun when my brother got much, much older than before.


Diane said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Now I want to go to a party...

oreneta said...

That looks like quite a lot of fun!!! Great to get the generations together as well.

Beautiful family you have there. Especially the baby, no?

Eric Valentine said...

It sure appears like fun was had by one & all Swen..

Great photo's as always my friend.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Diane - I am sure you would have loved this party, but I suppose you could organise one of your own if you do not get an invitation. :-)

Oreneta - Yes, all ages, but oldest and youngest left or fell asleep after about three hours. The little ones are very sweet, and you only do the fun and rewarding bits with them, the rest is up to the parents. Great deal! ;-)

Eric - Thanks, all that fun certainly lifts one's spirits!

Anonymous said...

That looks fun, and you even had some sunshine!

What a glorious evening picture from your mum's balcony.

swenglishexpat said...

LadyFi - There was some sunshine, but it was slightly chilly in the evening, so many people were wrapped in blankets provided by the host. They looked like they had been rescued somewhere and being taken care of by some international relief organisation! ;-)