Monday, May 14, 2007

Hasta la Vista

Since I got back I have mostly been preoccupied with setting up my new PC. The old one was obsolete, it would test my patience to the limit! So, with a new PC you get a new operating system, which, as expected, is NOT compatible with many of the existing programs and therefore it is pointless to look for old software CD's, emails with usernames and product keys etc. Sometimes you can download drivers from the internet, but frequently you are told that your hardware is too old; they don't even intend to make it compatible with Vista. Thank you very much, arrrgh! Some of my old stuff does not work at all, some partly, some through work-arounds.... Then you have to get used to new software, which can be quite exciting, but the best of all is my new monitor, a fabulous 22-inch flat-screen. It is just wonderful! Pictures come out almost three-dimensional, so sharp and clear. But it looks like I need to buy one of those new all-in-one jobs, printer-scanner-fax machine. There is nothing like a computer to complicate things for you, I say; what a lesser techie person would say, I dare not think about!

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christina said...

Wow, a 22 inch screen must be fantastic. We bought our first laptop on the weekend with Vista installed (our other two PCs run on XP) but I've yet to take a good look at it and find out the differences.