Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Living abroad

Living away from one's family often means that you visit at the 'highs and lows' of life; for instance my granddaughter's birth and birthdays, my niece's wedding, both my parents' 80th birthdays, my son's PhD, but also my father's funeral. Now I will travel to Sweden for my oldest uncle's funeral; it is a sad journey and the only consolation is that I will see other dear relatives. So it is with very mixed feelings that I am heading to the Old Country. My uncle had a very healthy, prosperous and happy life, and he passed away peacefully. He had grandchildren and there was even a third generation, so life continuous its natural course.

I have been organising old photos and slides lately, and I found this photo from when my uncle R was eight years old, standing on the left with his younger brother B on the right, and the girl in the centre is actually their aunt B. It is nearly 80 years ago, which you might guess from the clothes they are wearing.

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