Monday, May 21, 2007


My granddaughter will surely go into the music business when she gets older. She cannot stand still when there's music playing and she loves to sing. They practise that a lot in Kindergarten. She can sing the melody and she gets the vowels of the words right most of the time, so much so that I recognise songs that I have never heard her sing before. Our phone conversations, which mostly consist of words like 'play', 'pyjamas', 'eat', 'sleep', rather than sentences, are greatly improved by her singing down the line. We are on speakerphone (Lautsprecher) to everone's delight, and it is such a heart-warming moment. Moment, well, she never stops! She just keeps on singing, one song after another. Then she has the habit of applauding herself, which you can see in the picture, using the portable house phone and a 'play phone'. What might the future hold?

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