Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't I Know These Ladies?

Duckhead Duckhead says: They look familiar, I thought, as I spotted these two beauties in the window. Maybe they look too sophisticated, and they have no fags glued to their lips, but surely... or ...

I had just paused for a moment on my way up those 406 steps in Liège to get the view when I caught sight of these two women who looked strangely familiar. They reminded me of two Scottish ladies, acquaintances of mine, who write this wonderfully funny, quirky and interesting blog, Scottish Natterings.

It turned out that they were indeed relatives of 1st Lady and Lady Muck of Edinburgh. They invited me and Mrs D for, not tea, but strawberry beer and chips with mayo. They are after all Belgian; but since my French is only slightly better than my Flemish, the visit did not last very long. However they did ask me to send their love to 1st Lady and Lady Muck of Edinburgh.

!st Lady's and Mrs Muck's Belgian Relatives - framed


1st Lady said...

Why! If that isn't Aunt Gertrude and Bessie May! The white sheep of the family!

What a great image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swenglishexpat said...

1st L - I thought that's what they said their names were, but in French, so I was not quite sure. How could I miss that photo opportunity? No way!