Friday, November 21, 2008

Guck Mal, ein Klassiker!

Old "Guck mal, ein Klassiker", was what the shop assistant said to his colleagues when I pulled my old running shoe out of my bag. I had come to Runners Point in Düsseldorf to get a new pair of shoes, bringing an old one to show what type of shoe I wanted. I have not done a lot of running over the last few years, I have to confess, so I have not bothered getting a new pair, which any runner knows is a deadly sin. Your poor body normally has to pay for such nonchalance, and my knees reacted to the lack of cushioning from the tarmac last time I tried to use them.

The three shop assistants looked long and hard at the footwear relics of yore. The one who was the most excited kept repeating the word "Klassiker", which is not difficult to understand even if you speak no German. I honestly cannot say how old the shoes are, but we are talking decades here, rather than years, I fear. The situation reminded me of the time when my rather old Omega watch was passed around among admiring watchmakers on a sight-seeing coach. That watch is now 30 years old and is still working perfectly. Not so my running shoes; they are now more like a pair of rubber tyre flip-flops.

Mind you, I did a lot of long-distance running as late as 15 years ago, and I managed to run a half-marathon in 1hr 28 min once, which is quite a respectable time I believe. I would not bet against me wearing those old Nike shoes then! So it was about time I got myself a new pair. I am determined to keep fit (not letting these become "Klassiker"), so I tested the new ones this morning, and they were wonderful. I was running on air, fluffy clouds, anything soft you can think of. Tomorrow will tell if I overdid it the first time in a long time, but so far so good! Here are the treasured beauties.



CanadianSwiss said...

I guess that was really the "last mile" for the old shoes. Wishing you many more "fluffy cloud" running with the new ones :)

christina said...

Hey, when they said Klassiker are you sure they weren't talking about YOU? ;-) ;-) Ha ha, just kidding, although I sometimes think being a Klassiker is a GOOD thing, just not for running shoes.

Your new ones look wonderful.

swenglishexpat said...

CS - Maybe I could bequeath them to a sports museum :-) !!!
Christina - You're right, but not when a Klassiker's sole/soul wears out, goes flat and loses its spring! ;-)