Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did I Really Do That?

IMG_7707 fxd I am not a chef, but I can cook, perhaps down to the fact that I am meticulous, organised and read what it says on the packet. I do a mean salmon on pasta with prawn sauce, which varies according to what is available in the kitchen. I try to balance salt and sweet, garlic and any other ingredient.

We sometimes buy fresh chilis, which invariably dry after a while, but we keep them like that. A few times I have used dried chilis in my prawn sauce to add some kick to it, which Mrs S in particular likes very much. I did that yesterday as well.

I am a keen washer-upper, even during cooking, which is particularly good when you handle both onion, garlic and, in this case, chili. I always clean any board straight after use; I am funny like that. I also wash my hands regularly during the process, which is extra prudent handling the chilis.

Yesterday I did the usual, used my fingers to remove the seeds and tear the chilis into small pieces. Then I washed my hands thoroughly, several times, with washing-up liquid.

I managed to get the meal ready for the important European football game between Liverpool and Real Madrid and sat down to enjoy a sporty meal. My favourite team, Liverpool, outplayed Real from the start and I felt I was in for a memorable European evening, which would turn out later to be true, but in a different way to what I had anticipated.

After a thoroughly thrilling first half and a lovely salmon dish (if I may say so myself) I realised I had been staring at the TV screen without blinking perhaps for too long, so my eyes were a little itchy. Then I did it. To an observer it might have looked like I could not believe my eyes. My team had been outstanding and outclassed a formidable opponent after all.

I took off my glasses and RUBBED MY EYES! Need I say more? I had washed my hands a thousand times in warm water with soapy stuff; the chilis were dry, etc.. etc..

I thought my eyes would burn to slushy mush, melt, disintegrate, explode, run dry or .....  I honestly thought my hands were without any trace of the hot chilis, but some oil or microscopic particles must have lingered on my fingers to set my eyes on fire.

It took all of the half time interval to rinse my eyes in water, first under the tap, then using the eye cup Mrs S rushed upstairs to get from the medicine cupboard. Perhaps I should have taken a photo of my eyes then, but that might have scared some squeamish readers. The fact is that I said to Mrs S, "It's crazy, I am standing here thinking I have to blog about this", and laughed about it.

How sad is that, inflicting pain on yourself in order to have some blogging material? I would certainly never do this again. Next time I will be using my trusted rubber gloves or something.

My eyes still feel a bit swollen today, but what the heck, Liverpool progressed to the quarter finals of the European Cup.


janeywan said...

I have done this very thing. OUCH!
I wear rubber gloves now when touching chilies, or I have someone else touch them, like hubby. He rarely touches his eyes, me, I do it only when I touch chilies. *G*

Protege said...

Aw, I feel for you, that must been terrible.:(
It is amazing that even after washing your hands several times the chili was still there.
I also know what you mean about finding a material for blogging; I am the same.;)

I have this strange experience, that when I wear my contacts, I can peel, cut, shred, mince - simply do what ever I like with onions and my eyes will not tear up. However, if I wear glasses, I cry immediately.;) So I am the one who is always left with peeling and prepping the onions in the kitchen.;))
Anyway, wonder if contacts will work as "chili protection" as well.:P

swenglishexpat said...

Janey - Thanks, now I know rubber gloves work! :-)

Protege - I used to wear contact lenses, but I have started running the cold water tap when I chop onions. I did not think it would work, but it actually does. Before that I had to give up or close my eyes, which poses another danger, cutting yourself! As for the chilis, I'll try rubber gloves next time.

LadyFi said...

Poor you! That really hurts... But at least you didn't have to go and pee - that would have hurt even more!

swenglishexpat said...

LadyFi - Now, that's a consolation I can sympathise with!

oreneta said...

Barça's beating Lyon!!!!

Sorry about your eyes....

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - ...and so they should! Eyes are fine.