Friday, March 20, 2009

Follow The Trail

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I wrote about the pilgrim trail in a previous post, but there are also more modern trails you can follow. If you look down as you walk in Liège, Belgium, you might see one of these little brass circles.

George Simenon Liege

My first thought was "Oh, so he lived here! I had no idea." George Simenon, the author of the books about detective Maigret, was from Liège. I remembered watching the TV series based on his books many moons ago in Sweden.

I instantly recognised Maigret's trademark pipe and hat, and I also understood that the small arrow was pointing in the direction you ought to walk if you wanted to get to the next place of interest. Putting down little markers like these is a simple but clever way of both leading people along the trail and bringing it to the attention of somebody who happens to come across it, like in my case.

We never had time to follow the trail, but we did find Mr Maigret sitting on a bench. Looked like he had been sitting there for a while, possibly trying to find a solution to a particularly tricky case.



Protege said...

What a perfect way to make tourist trails more attractive and what is more; clearly visible!;) The last picture reminds me of another bench in Prague; there is a man sitting on it just like here, but I am not sure he is part of any trail.;)
Hope you are having a great Friday.;)

LadyFi said...

Love the little tracks - and the statue.

matthew_in_ham said...

I love the life-like statues too. They are quite common all over Europe (except England!) and I have loads of pictures of my kids sitting next to them. My favourite is of a man emerging from a sewer in Bratislava.

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - Simple but clever. I have also seen similar statues in quite a few places, kind of inviting you to sit next to them.

LadyFi - They are good, aren't they?

Matthew - The Bratislava one reminds me of something similar I have seen somewhere, but I cannot remember where. These statues always seem to put a smile on people's faces!