Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Camera

I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere for a few days due to work and my new little pet, a digital SLR. At last I have made up my mind and bought one. I threw in a tele lens for good measure so I could get closer to objects without too much effort.

There is a lot to learn, although there is fully automatic and also various settings to give you easier options. I am getting to know my new friend and will in the future practise a lot to master the ISO, aperture and shutter speed for perfect results. In the meantime I give you a small collection of various shots I have managed so far having a lot of fun.


Lens cap Colourful garages and bins
Green Woodpecker Sunlit wall
Sun rays Tulips


Protege said...

It is always so much fun with new gadgets.;) Especially electronic ones. And cameras can be really cool.;)
Beautiful pictures, my favorite is the one of the blooming tulips.;)

Veronica said...

yes! love the flowers, but the sunlight one is good too ... we now expect lots more ;-)

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - I agree about the tulip. I tried taking different kinds of pictures to see how they turned out. It is a long getting-to-know process I believe.

Veronica - Glad you liked them. I have today taken more pictures and I am quite impressed with the camera. Wait and see! ;-)

oreneta said...

I like the flowers and the triange...what fun!

Rositta said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous shots. I want one...too bad I'm not spending money this year, sigh...ciao

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Thank you, I thought the sun rays created such an interesting, natural shape on the wall, like a modern painting. ;-)

Rositta - I have saved for some time not to feel too guilty splashing out on a new toy. And it is FUN!

traveler one said...

Beautiful shots! I just finished a photography course and am trying to decide which dslr to buy. A good tele lens is one the list too.

swenglishexpat said...

T1 - Thank you, my "course" is to research the net, but I also saw a very good photography book earlier that I might want to buy. There is a lot to learn. :-O