Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Top Five Blog Posts – Statistically


Do you keep an eye on your stats? I do, mostly to see if I’ve had a visitor for the first time from a country, so I can add the flag to my little collection in a special flag folder on my PC. At the moment I have had visitors from 93 countries. Will I ever get to 100? Who knows?

The stats also reveal searches, both for text and for images. I am still amazed at how many elementary or primary school teachers search the web for work sheets on Pippi Longstocking, whom I wrote about a long time ago.

People all over the world also seem to be very concerned about their pulmonary health.

An increasing number of Brits are interested in finding out about Fougères Castle in Brittany.

The love padlocks (Liebesschlösser) on Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne pull in visitors from all corners of the world.

Then of course my blog post about Ryanair and their questionable policy on fining their passengers has a fast-growing number of hits. I am definitely not the only disgruntled (ex-) customer.

The List

1 Pippi Longstocking (lazy teachers)

2 Smoker’s Lungs (worried smokers)

3 Ryanair (frustrated passengers)

4 Love Padlocks (romantic people)

5 Fougères Castle (history nerds or holiday makers)


oreneta said...

Stats are weird things aren't they. Some of the searches people do would be so odd to work for google and look at those things.

LadyFi said...

I've stopped looking at my stats so often... although seeing what people are looking for when they find your blog is always good for a laugh!

Protege said...

Ah yes, I love to do this too. My top search is on "weird places to fall asleep", a post I did a year ago. I guess there are a lot of tired people out there.;)

CanadianSwiss said...

I haven't checked my stats in ages! Gotta do that ;)

BTW, Looking at those lungs again really make me feel extra good about quitting :)

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - Work for Google? What a dream!

LadyFi - Some search for words you did not remember having even.

Protege - What goes on in people's minds is fascinating.

CS - Just keep feeling good! :-)