Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ooi! Give Us Your Handbag!

DSC_0064_20090920_4804 a fxd cr2

Mugging in the making? Are these two guys trying to rob the young woman on the left? She seems to be desperately holding on to her handbag, isn't she? Did I happen to catch a crime on film? Like in the 60's film Blow-Up?

Just look at them; shaven head, sunglasses, swelling muscles and an aggressively pointing finger! No?

Well, if I un-crop the image slightly, you will see that the two menacing-looking men have a woman in tow, perhaps not out to rob vulnerable women after all. How easy it is to be prejudiced.

DSC_0064_20090920_4804 b fxd cr

If I produce the full picture (pun intended) it is obvious nothing sinister is afoot. Another man is leaning casually against the railing of a bridge in Cologne next to the walking woman and the approaching group of three. It is in fact Weltkindertag (World Children's Day) in Cologne and I am standing by the river Rhein among thousands of people celebrating this day full of innocence and fun.

DSC_0064_20090920_4804 c fxd cr3

Shame on you if you thought so badly about two men out to celebrate a children's day in female company. Of course the guy who spends so much time in the gym must take the opportunity to show his hard-earned muscles on a sunny September day. The sunglasses are necessary to protect the eyes, and also making it possible to look at other woman without anybody noticing. Don't tell me you've never done it!



Rositta said...

I took a good luck at the picture and personally didn't see anything sinister in it. I immediately noticed the smiles on the mens' faces. You have a point though, most people wouldn't look carefully...ciao

Lynda said...

Sorry Sweng.. but you have now confirmed my belief that we are never safe from prying eyes... iphones at the gym, cameras in stores.. and way too many budding photographers with long lenses.. where o where is is safe to blow me nose now!

Protege said...

This was great - our minds can easily be tricked indeed!

Veronica said...

And this photo hasn't even been photoshopped ... I often look at photos of celebrities in compromising positions and think it could be one person taken out of context ... you have proven that here.

oreneta said...

Ohhhh, how a camera can lie!

swenglishexpat said...

Rositta - You are very observant and have a positive interpretation I'd say.

Lynda - Prying eyes are an issue, I agree. I like people in general and would never use a photograph in an abusive or degrading way. (BTW may I suggest a paper tissue? ;-) Sorry, bad joke!)

Protege - Yes, too easily.

Veronica - Context and understanding of a situation are crucial, definitely.

Oreneta - Yes, one mustn't jump to conclusions but always try to see the whole picture.