Friday, January 08, 2010

On A Winter's Morning

Most of northern Europe is in the firm grip of bitterly cold wintry conditions. The weather is causing all sorts of problems. People can't get to work, schools are closed, exams have to be postponed, sports events are affected, people are being isolated in remote villages, old people and disabled people don't get their much-needed visits from care workers, and businesses are badly affected. The list seems to be endless.

But the situation also brings out the very best in some people who go to great lengths to help others in distress, many children have a great time in the snow for the very first time and I get to take some lovely winter pictures of guests in my garden, among them robins, bullfinches and squirrels.

Have a good weekend!

DSC_0818_20100108_7730 crop-n-fxd

DSC_0824_20100108_7736 crop-n-fxd

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Peter H said...

Quite a contrast to my local conditions in the middle of a very hot, wet monsoonal period in Darwin, with high humidity and squally rain showers and storms, with about 200mm over the past week or so, say since Christmas. Lots of flooded roads and Alice Springs has had 63mm in 2 days, almost as much as fell in all of 2009 [77mm]. Even the famous Ghan train has been stopped by floods!.

CanadianSwiss said...

It's FINALLY snowing a bit here :) Good for snowboarding, too! Lovely picts.

janeywan said...

I believe the weather is off a bit everywhere.
Love the bullfinch photos, what a stunning bird!

Happy New Year by the way.

swenglishexpat said...

Peter H - Thanks for dropping in. Wow, what a difference! Some people in the UK have had doubts over the last few days regarding global warming, but met people keep telling us that climate is what you get over a period of 30 years! But there certainly are some significant blips, both end of the scale.

CS - I thought you always had a thick layer of snow in the winter! Bet your snowboarding is much more fun now that you don't smoke anymore. Go go go from dawn to dusk!

Janey - The bullfinch is to me what the robin is to most Brits, the Christmas card bird. It comes to feed when the going gets a little harder in the forest. I have to keep the feeders filled.

oreneta said...

We are off in search of snow this weekend! Wish us luck...

swenglishexpat said...

Oreneta - May it snow on you!

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures! Loved this post, as you are right in every sentiment here.;) In Denmark it is bitterly cold as well and inlets have frozen over.
Stay warm.;)

swenglishexpat said...

Protege - I bet you are happy to have that beautiful wood-burning stove in your house. It always creates a feeling of well-being, not just physical heat. Take care Zuzana.