Monday, September 10, 2007

At last!

Finally I have managed to speak to tech support and sort out my CD and DVD drivers. Good old DELL! They are working again. I had previously investigated enough to have a go on my own, but hesitated because I did not want to risk buggering up my PC unnecessarily. You never know with techie stuff. It can go pear-shaped anytime for no apparent reason. So after a long phone call, things are back to normal. This means I can install software for my new all-in-one printer, which I hope will turn up in the post any day now. All systems go!

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Eric Valentine said...

I do get a smile when you write about your computer problems being resolved, I know how bothersome it can get, as you well know from my posts too. LOL

I did get a lot of my stuff sorted out and last night I actually burned my first disc.. Wow Progress.. :)