Thursday, September 27, 2007

Double Vision?

Last Sunday we went for a stroll in Düsseldorf, along the Parisian-like Königsallee, into the Altstadt and along the Rhine; our usual, gentle walk-about. It was, as always when the weather is good, heaving with people. Everybody was watching everybody, us included. Düsseldorf is very cosmopolitan and you hear all sorts of languages and see people of all colours, shapes and forms. Great entertainment! Then of course there is all the river traffic to keep an eye on, from very slow, semi-submerged barges to show-off blokes on jet skis bouncing up and down, very much aware of their big audience on the banks of the river. What prats they are!

Then came the highlight of the walk. Just as we had reached the camper van car park and were thinking of turning back, we saw the sight of the day. Luckily I had not had my beer yet, so I knew there was nothing wrong with my vision, I did not see double. The camera came out quickly to secure the evidence. Have you ever seen a cooler vehicle than this? Fantabulous!


Eric Valentine said...

That really is quite the showpiece Swen. I laughed at your use of the word 'Prat' I haven't heard that one in years. LOL

CanadianSwiss said...

That is WAY cool!