Monday, September 24, 2007

Sleeping Beauty or Not

Just had the phone call from the garage and spoke to a bloke who actually could speak Swedish! His Swedish was much better than his English, and possibly better than my German. It turned out he had relatives in Hagfors in Sweden; I assume he has spent holidays there and kept his Swedish going. It was a bit weird, just like the time when we came across a Swedish chef, noooo, not the muppet one, in Brittany. He was married to a French woman and ran a restaurant on the south coast of Brittany and one in the Alps in the winter.

The Swedish-speaking German said that something called a "Body Sleep Module" in the computer did not "put the car to sleep" but stayed on and drained the battery. I suppose from now on I will have to read a story to the car when I leave it in the garage and say good night properly, stroking the bonnet gently. I'll pick it up in the morning, if it is awake, that is.


Eric Valentine said...

I really enjoyed your post this morning, you had me in stitches laughing. You see I used to have another truck before and I was well acquainted with computer modules conking out. Grrrrrr

I had to laugh at the bedtime story part. My wife talks to our truck all the time, most of the time it seems to pay off though. :)

Love your sense of humour.

swenglishexpat said...

Eric, thanks for your comment. I'm glad I made you laugh, although I did not laugh myself at the time. Just been and collected the car and it seems to be fine again. I'll take your advice and start talking more regularly to the car, maybe that will be seen as being pro-active and will pave the way (sorry about the pun) for a better car - driver relationship! :-)