Friday, September 14, 2007

Back in business

Yes, I am now fully operational, from an IT point of view, that is. I have installed my new all-in-one printer from DELL, only a simple 926, but boy does it print well! I first printed some A4-size photos. I used a high capacity cartridge rather than a special photo print cartridge, and out came a superb picture, sharp and professional-looking. Then came the moment to print the first document, which was a letter to my UK bank to complain about their web site. I do a lot of internet banking and it normally works extremely well, but this summer their application went bonkers, deleting a long-standing overdraft on one account and delayed a transfer between some other accounts for a day, sending the a/c into the red, and charging me for an unauthorised overdraft. The cheek! However, my letter was, as always, polite and correct, but to the point. Let's see how long it takes them to rectify and reimburse. I want my money back!

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Eric Valentine said...

You have more nerve than I Swen. I don't trust doing business online so don't give out any CC info at all.

If they give me a phone # then I give the info over the phone, I feel safer that way. Too much hacking and ID theft for my liking. Have a great weekend, I hope they come through for you soon my friend. :)