Monday, March 26, 2007

Am I really a granddad?

Yes, I am, although it is hard to believe sometimes. Before I would always say that becoming a dad was the greatest moment of my life, possibly because I did not have to go through any pain, although I helped with that prophylactic breathing, which was very modern at the time over thirty years ago. But now, coming up to my granddaughter A’s second birthday, I am not so sure, or have I just forgotten? When I saw her, and held her, for the first time in hospital, it was like a true miracle, the ultimate experience, something truly atavistic. I think my brain spun around a few times out of sheer excitement, and my heart was pumping furiously. That was the moment I lost it again, my heart that is.

I had travelled up to Sweden from Germany the day before, and on the ferry between Puttgarden in Germany and Roedby in Denmark my phone rang. It was my son who said ‘Hello granddad, you have a granddaughter.’ Can you imagine words any sweeter than that? Of course you can’t! She is one of the wonders of the world obviously; but yes, yes, I know there are millions more, I’m sentimental but not that sentimental. Nevertheless she is my special wonder.

I had forgotten how small they make them these days. She was so tiny! See for yourself, she is five days old in this picture, nicely tucked up with her friend, Snow.

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Kerstin said...

Farfar så trevligt att du skriver! Sonene tipsade och jag är väldigt nöjd med att A har en framträdande plats. Många varma hälsningar farmor