Friday, March 02, 2007

Things are shaping up

After having visited a few blogs for inspiration, ideas and links to various sites where you can get some techie stuff, I have now really got into the swing. Among them is a blog that I found in an article in an expat publication. The article was on expat bloggers in Germany, and that's how my blogging ideas got going, rather slowly, since I signed up in the autumn of 2005 and left it all dormant for nearly 18 months. The blogger, Mausi, is a Canadian woman who lives with her German husband and bi-lingual kids in northern Germany and writes about her family life and in particular about cooking, illustrated by wonderful pics of food. Not that I am a food freak, although I get peckish every time I see those dishes, but she has also many 'linked' friends. It is a pleasure to read her blog, so I have put her link on my page in gratitude for being my door to the blogging world. As a further tribute to her I insert a photo of some saffron buns, a Swedish tradition on 13 Dec, when Lucia, the Queen of Light, is celebrated.

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